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The SEO 21 modules are broken down into
21 separate Online LIVE Learning session

SEO Basics For Busines

Get To Page One Google In 14 Days…


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Having A Website Is One Thing Getting It To Page #1 Google Is Totally Different

But Then… What You Really Need Is Sales or Enquiries Is That Right?

Introducing The “New” Business

Internet Marketing SEO Program 2014 / 2015

The information below was for my training to businesses in Cyprus at live 3 Day workshops
BUT…! does not apply to the online webinars.

If you scroll down to the bottom…. You will see all the 21 webinar training modules


Below is for For information only!

The First Of Its Kind For CYPRUS Businesses

Approved By The “HRA” Cyprus Department With A Contribution Of Up To €399 On Your Fees…

3 Full Days 21 Hours Of Training Cyprus ONLY!



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Discover How You Could!

  • You Could Have 1000’s More Website Visitors

  • You Could Obtain 1000’s
    more Enquiries / Leads

  • Learn How To Convert Web Visitors Into Sales or Enquiries

  • The Training is by international business and Internet marketing expert

  • Stay Ahead Of Your Competition
With 10 Years of Internet Marketing SuccessTogether with 17 Years experience as European Managing Director with a $50 Million Turnover USA business.Brian has trained many businesses Worldwide in Their Internet Marketing StrategiesThis training is invaluable to your business future. Especially in today’s competitive market place.Having a website is not the same as getting results or Enquiries or Sales Presented By:Brian MJ GibsonManaging Director

  • Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Coach
  • Author

This Is A Three Day Workshop – Covering 21 Modules Specifically For Businesses In Cyprus  

 “Don’t Miss Out – There Are Limited Places ONLY  



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The details below are for Face to Face Training
For Cyprus Businesses ONLY!

Go to the bottom of this webpage to see all the Training Modules
NOW AVAILABLE by online Webinars
from the comfort of your armchair at home


2014 – 2015 Training Seminar’s Schedule CYPRUS ONLY




 Places Left

August       2014 3rd/4th/5th


Ellias Beach Hotel


October     2014 28th/29th/30th


Princess Hotel


March     2015


Princess Hotel


July        2015


Marriott Hotel


Over 39 Strategies Any Business – Must Know! About Your Website Internet Marketing…

Limited  Seats Left

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Call Brian Gibson


00 44 207 193 9400

How To Get Your Website To Page #1 Google In 3 weeks – Or Less
How to correctly perform SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation) on pages
Keyword Research – Find out how many People are looking for your products or services – Then how to get those exact people to your website
Gateway Marketing – The New way to beat your competitors & Get To Page #1 Google Fast
Social Network – YouTube – FaceBook – MySpace and 20 others – Increase Sales with simple techniques
Video Marketing Video SEO – The Power of Using Video Testimonials – Staff Video’s, Office Videos, Product Video’s, Your Services Videos
Blog Marketing – How to start an effective blog – FREE and run yourselfForum Marketing – Advertise on competitors websites Article Marketing – Obtain worldwide visitors



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Back links – This technique alone could get your website to Page #1 GoogleGoogle gives you more credit with more back links – But these have to be the right one from the right sources – Get it wrong and Google will penalise your site.
PPC Pay Per Click – This is getting much much harder and I guarantee 90% of people are spending over 50% more than they need too.  You will learn how to half your budget – AND – Get double the results
Increase Sales Using Live Online Chat – Follow each visitor as they read you web pages then simply send a message to engage them into conversation. This marketing method will increase you business
Much Much More…See Contents of all 29 Modules – Below…

You Will Receive FREE Software – Articles – eBooks

Hosting Accounts  With This Training

This Training Is APPROVED

By The Cyprus HRA Department 

There Is A Contribution To Your Fees

From The Cyprus HRA Department of up to €499
 Just One Simple Form To Fill In…

Testimonials From Previous Training


Most people do not realise that

To get “TARGETED” visitors to their website Requires 70%  “Off Website” Marketing methods On Website SEO is Only 30% of the marketing formula.

  • These are not technical but the procedures do work and do drive more traffic to websites. 
  • From experience and previous training’s – businesses will save €1000’s per year on their marketing budgets  
  • Gain many more visitors to their website  
  • Be able to convert more sales or enquiries.  
  • Have on-going backup from the forums  
  • Have a library of Tutorial videos to work at their own pace after the training. 

Who should attend?

  • All Companies with relevant staff
  • Small – Medium – Large size
  • Individual Businesses
  • Self Employed or Limited Companies
  • Any business who pays Cyprus Tax & NI can qualify

This training will help your business obtain

  • More sales
  • More Lead enquiries
  • More visitors to your website

This is a Non-Technical training and will suit the following staff positions

(so do not be concerned that you require any special skills)

Rachel Elnaugh From The UK’s Investors/Inventors

TV Programme “Dragons Den” Recommending One Of Our Group’s Internet Marketing Websites



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Who will benefit from this training?

  • Business Owners 
  • Company Directors 
  • Marketing Managers 
  • Managers that are responsible for enhancing the business profile to the world

In addition: 

  • General Managers  
  • Heads of departments  
  • Marketing Managers  
  • Marketing staff  
  • Admin staff  
  • Website developers  
  • Staff responsible for website marketing.  
  • Internet SEO staff
  • All staff that who can be involved in increasing business online.

I would like to point out that the training is not about WEB design

Although we do cover this.

  • The Training is about how business owners and relevant staff can get the knowledge they require these days as to how to market their website.  
  • How to work with their designers  
  • How to work with their Optimisers  
  • How to specify work from their new knowledge and not be lead by (so Called) web specialists who could easily confuse the business owner with technical jargon 

Each Of The 29 Modules Will Have A

FREE WorkBook For You To Follow And Use In Your Own Time At Home Or Work Helping You Remember Everything…

Short Examples Of Video Tutorials



“Brian I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the course last week it really was an eye opener for me.

Having done several courses before; stock market, property and the like (and lost lots of money as they were non productive for me in the end). I originally thought the internet business might just be too technical, however you showed how easy it was to get results.

I am really excited about the future potential you have shown me”




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  All Training Modules Are Below

This Training Is APPROVED By The Cyprus HRA Department 

1 – Trainee Introduction

  • How we Integrate Internet Marketing into your business and what you want to achieve from this training
  • How to take notes
  • What training methods are included
  • Some rules for the training
  • Safety – Emergency & Exits
  • Tests & Certificates awarded on completion
  • Time In Motion “ACTION PLANNER”
  • FREE with this training.
  • This will help your staff and your self get more out of a days work with less effort
  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Introduction & experience ofBrian MJ Gibson
2 – Keyword Research

  • Understanding Internet search Behaviours
  • Laying the foundations for all Internet Marketing Strategies
  • What is Keyword research (Exactly)
  • FREE Keyword research tools that show you Exactly how many people are searching for your products
  • The power of Effective Keyword Research
  • Evolution of search behaviour to date – and for the future
  • How do you know exactly what customers are searching for
  • Why people misspell or typo” How to use this mistake to your advantage
  • Using Our Misspelling software
  • The step-by-step Keyword Research Process to obtain 1000’s more visitors to your website
  • Live analysis of competitors websites
  • Live analysis of your own websiteWhat Do You Want From Your Website
  • Sales – Are you interested in selling online
  • Leads – Do you want to capture more leads or enquiries
  • Just A Website – As a Business Brochure
  • Summary & future plan of action for your business
3 – The Analogy Of A Website

  • Basic Website Layout
  • Meta Tag – What They mean & Do
  • Brief Website Meanings (Jargon – Abbreviations)
  • Meta Website Title
  • Meta Website Description
  • Meta Website Keywords
  • Relevant pages
  • How to check if and when Google robots have visited the website
  • Website Site Map
  • Google /Yahoo page quality score
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
4 – Back Links & Reciprocal Links

  • What are back links
  • How do you get back links
  • The importance of one-way QUALIFIED links
  • One important fact – back links are important to getting to Page #1 Google
  • How to check the back links on your website
  • How to check back links on competitors sites
  • Links software
  • Do everything to keep visitors returning
  • Links exchange and link farms
  • Reciprocal links v one way links
  • RSS feeds can provide back links
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
 5 – Blog & Blogging

  • What exactly is a blog
  • What are the advantages of a blog
  • How to install a blog FREE & Easy
  • How to use your blog to get visitors
  • Why a blog get Google coming back
  • How to add your business on a competitors blog
  • Why Google give a high ranking for a blog
  • Blog marketing for more sales & Leads
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
 6 – Articles & Article writing

  • Why articles are essential to a website
  • Unique articles, why Google wants and ranks them
  • Automated article research software
  • Referencing and relevant sources to download 1000’s of articles
  • Checking that your article is not copied
  • Submitting your articles to blogs on automatic placement
  • Submitting your articles to 100’s of article directories for more back links
  • How to construct 1000 articles in 45 minutes
  • Software program – INCLUDED in this training
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
7 – Press Release – On-line

  • Why a simple online press release SUPER_POWER your SEO
  • How to layout an effective Press-release FREE Software to help
  • What Content for your press release
  • Where to send your press release
  • Press release directories – where to find them
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
8 – Outsourcing Work or Tasks

  • Why outsource some tasks
  • Release time from staff or unqualified staff
  • Which tasks to outsource
  • Where to find outsource help
  • How to specify exactly what you want – agree a fixed price and time frame
  • How to only pay after the work is complete and your happy with it
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
9 – Forums & Forum Marketing

  • How to run your own forum
  • How to communicate with clients, customers or visitors to your website using a business forum
  • Create a community online
  • Build more marketing lists
  • Create more sales
  • Forum marketing on competitors websites
  • Forum marketing for back links
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
10 – Newsletter -eZine Marketing

  • Why newsletter are powerful for your business
  • How to write, create your own newsletters fast
  • What content to include- What to avoid
  • How often to send newsletters
  • How to keep readers happy & Interested
  • How to use other peoples newsletters to obtain one way back links
  • Newsletter template and header to make life easy
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
11 – Building your mailing list

  • Why building a mailing list is essential
  • How to use this list to get referral business Cheaper than advertising
  • How to test if people are reading and clicking on your emails
  • How to avoid spam
  • Using a third party mailer – for best results
  • How to sell your mailing list for up to €5 per name
  • Building trust
  • Building Joint Venture partners
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
12 – Social Networking

  • What is social media – networking
  • How is this used for marketing your website
  • FaceBook Has 5 times more traffic than Google – Lets use it
  • Use Social media to get FREE leads and visitors to your website
  • Formulas that work really fast
  • FaceBook – Twitter – Digg – MySpace – YouTube + 20 More to skyrocket your website
  • How to open up your accounts – using keywords for best results
  • How to start informational groups to attract customers
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
 13 – Using Videos On Your Website

  • Why use video on your website anyway
  • Did you watch any of the videos on this website – why did you do that
  • Video keeps people on the page – Important for SEO Google Ranking
  • How to make short videos and place on your website
  • How to place video’s on Youtube and 20 other video sites FREE – Get Back links.
  • How to use video for credibility
  • Software packages to produce your videos FREE with this training
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
14 – Advertising PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • What is Google & Yahoo Adwords
  • How to save 50% on your budget and get double the results
  • How to control advertising budgets
  • How to target you ads to specific markets
  • How to target ads to specific keywords ONLY – Save €100’s
  • How to split test adds to check for best results
  • How to place your ads on COMPETITORS websites – they wont even know its there (MAGIC)
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
15 – Using Banners & Advertising

  • What is a click able banner
  • Using Banners on advertising websites
  • How to make your own banner FREE Software included with this training
  • Flashing banners
  • Banner blindness – what is that?
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
 16 – Spying On Competitors

  • Why you need to know what they are doing online
  • How to check their results
  • Looking at the trends for last 12 months
  • Apply positive – eliminate the negative from their websites to beat them to page #1
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
 17 – Google Adsense Advertising

  • What is Google Adsense
  • When to use and when not to use
  • How to find competitors using Adsense Using the adsense spy tools FREE withthis training
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
18 – Using Flash & Java

  • What is Flash
  • Why you should not use flash
  • Why you might use it
  • How to make your own flash images
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
19 – Exit Website MarketingStrategy

  • Exit Marketing mean that when a visitor tries to leave a pop-up message appears offering something as one last chance to obtaintheir email address.
  • LOOK – Over 90% of visitors neverreturn to your website.
  • So trying to get their email address as they leave your website is a nice way to increase your business
  • What are the benefits of this
  • Examples of exit strategy live on other website
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
20 – Your Own Email Accounts

  • How to run all your website emailaddresses through just one account
  • The very best Business email account
  • The business owner gets to see allemails
  • A FREE Software program – with this training that offers all customersan email account at yourbusiness name
  • i.e. Mary@YourDomain.com
  • Summary and future plan of action foryour business
21 Google Page Rank

  • What is Google page rank
  • How do you get this
  • Why is a Google Page rank this important to obtain
  • How to increase your Google Page Rank
  • How to check your page rank
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
22 – Hosting & IP Address

  • What is hosting
  • What is the cost & way are hosting packages different
  • Why Hosting can affect you ranking
  • Why some hosting will get you banned from the search engines -You will never Rank well
  • How to change your hosting, easily.
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
23 – Protecting Your Website & PC

  • How your emails are harvested by robots and send you spam emails – And what to do to stop this
  • Using the firefox browser for safer browsing on you PC
  • Using Firefox add-on’s to spy on competitors – check your own website
  • Passwords and password storage software FREE with this training
  • Backing up your data and website
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
24 – eBay – How to Use For yourAny Business.

  • Yes every product or service shouldbe on ebay
  • There are more benefits than justselling
  • Ebay will give you valuable backilinks
  • How ebay alone can get you listed on page #1 Google
  • How to open an account in your country
  • How to use the little known eBay classifieds for best & cheapest results
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
25 – RSS Feeds

  • What are RSS feeds
  • How RSS feed give you changing and unique content for your website – Daily. Sometimes hourly
  • Keeps those Google robots coming to your website – increase your Ranking
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
26 – Choosing a Web DesignerIn The Future

  • How do you choose your website designer
  • A friend? – Someone you know?A Student?
  • Your website is your shop front online, So choosing the right website designer andSEO company is essential
  • You get a complete check-list to help choose the best for your business
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
27 Website Statistics

  • What are your website statistics
  • When did you last look at them
  • What do they mean
  • How to take action from those statistics
  • Secrets of Using Google Analytics Statistics
  • Heat Spot Software tracks where visitors go on your web pages
  • How to use statistic’s to improve results
  • Implement changes on your website by actual visitors use – NOT just what you think
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
28 – Fully Analysing YourBusiness Website

  • Lets look at your websites in depth
  • Analyse where changes need to be made
  • How to implement these changes
  • Setting out a plan for this
  • Monitoring results
  • What to change first
  • Who will make these changes
  • Is there a cost involved
  • What are the goals for your website Internet Marketing
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
29 – Individual Evaluation

  • A short multiple question test covering this training
  • I read the answers – you mark your test paper
  • Clarification of the correct answers
  • Top results receives a prize
  • All delegates receive a certificate
  • Complete paperwork for your Cyprus Government Rebate.
  • Summary and future plan of action for your business
30 – Question & Answers

  • You personal StepInto members area login details – Where to go and what will be added in the future
  • Downloading your FREE eBooks
  • Viewing You FREE Video Tutorials
  • Downloading your FREE articles
  • Your access to the support forum
  • How to use the support ticket system
  • Requesting your 10 FREE hosting accounts
  • Any further questions you may have

Other Benefits
This Training Is APPROVED By The Cyprus HRA Department

The Training is offers up to a €399 ContributionFrom The Cyprus HRA Department
if you are a Social Insurance payer – Don’t Miss this – Event

Places will go fast & are very Limited

Limited Seats Left
For More Information Call Brian Gibson Now !
00 357 99 156 967


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Video Tutorials – covering many Internet Marketing subjects – This has a retail value of €287 On the open market

150 Page WorkBook – With screen shots covering all the modules. For you to make note in and ask questions.

10 eBooks FREE – Are yours to keep – With 5 More Per Month added in the member area. This is valued at €700

Article Research Software – Write 500 word article on any subject in 15 minutes Ready to use on your website or blogs

Hosting – Each delegate will be given 10 FREE Hosting accounts for 1 year-  Hosting is typically €300 per year. A value of €3,000

  • These hosting accounts will allow you to either change from where you are now or
  • With new websites each hosting will be FREE
  • Internet Marketing – these days requires many websites – each with targeted traffic
  • Not one website with 100’s of pages

Support Forum – Each Delegate will have access to our online Support Forum

  • Ask questions about anything Internet Marketing related
  • Become involved in the discussions
  • Help other even
  • Network with other members, World-Wide (this may increase business)
  • Keep up to date with Google – Yahoo – Bing changes (be the first to stay in line with these)
  • Events that you be interested in
  • SEO updates
  • Blog Updates
  • Video marketing updates 

“The forum is open to worldwide members – You will be sure to learn so much here” StepInto Internet Marketing -Members Area –  FREE six months membership to this (regular member pay €29.97 monthly) That’s worth €179 to you The members area has 1000’s of material to help your Internet Marketing efforts

  • 100 eBooks with 5 more added each month – Building into a massive library for you.
  • Initial Software packages – examples of scripts to give your web designer or use your self – With more added each month
  • Affiliate link – this is where you can earn extra money by recommending this membership (20 recommends will earn you €270 monthly €3200 pa)
  • 300 Articles – With 50 more added each month – You will use these on your website or blogs. (Each Article is worth €15 if you contracted or had a staff member to write) The value here is an initial €4,500 followed by €750 per month – Its all FREE in the members area.

Support Ticket System –

  • You will have access to our support ticketing system
  • Here you can ask our staff direct questions in private – Not through the forum
  • We will respond directly and personally to you.

 You Will Receive FREE Software – Articles – eBooks –

Hosting Accounts With This Training

Remember – This Training Is APPROVED

By The Cyprus HRA

There Is A Contribution To Your Fees

From The Cyprus HRA Department Of Up To €399  Just One Simple Form To Fill In…

Testimonial  Brian “I know I have a way to go yet but finally I feel so much more confident now that I have something at my fingertips that is really going to excite me, help me to get my life long ambition and business off the ground (my book! never expected that!), and make me money in the process! Thank you Brian for everything (including the green tea’s and coffee’s!), you explained everything really well and I truly believe you want to see me succeed as that came across very clearly”

With warm regards  Jacs London

Testimonial  Brian.
“What a brilliant Three days training . I came to find out about how to get my website to page #1 Google and you have just opened a new world of opportunities to me. In simple easy steps. How good Is that – I can truly see my website being the only advertising I will ever need. Also you have the patience of a saint! Will write a full testimonial soon. My tasks until July 1st are to set up all my Keywords and Themes – Will send you my domain details tonight” 

 Best wishes Sheila

Limited Seats Left
For More Information Call
Brian Gibson Now !  
99 156 967
P.S. This is the first of its kind of training in Cyprus
The Contribution from from the Cyprus HRA Department

You will receive up to €399 discount.
P.P.S. Each delegate will receive all the
eBooks –  Software – Articles – Members area – Forum Support – 10 Hosting Packages

Please note: All fees are Plus VAT