Internet Marketing

The Internet has provided an unprecedented opportunity for businesses of all types be they large or small, to market themselves to potential customers on a global basis. If you are ready to take the plunge and bring out the entrepreneur in you, what type of business should you choose?

The possibilities are endless, but you may want to consider the types of enterprises designed to fulfil the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter. No matter what the economic conditions are at any given time, these needs have to be met. Your best bet for a successful home based Internet marketing business may well lay under one of these broad categories. You may also want to consider using the Internet to market a product or service designed to cater to the growing number of seniors, who are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

One you have narrowed down your search to a specific product or service, how should you proceed?

1. Create a Business Plan

A business plan is basically a road map for how you would like your home based Internet marketing business to grow and develop. All businesses need to have a plan to stay on track, and a home based Internet marketing business is no exception.

Your business plan should demonstrate that you have considered such factors as your target market, what your competitors are already offering, your own plan for marketing your home based Internet marketing business (including sales strategy and pricing), your operating plan, and financing.

2. Carve Out Your E-Niche

Who are your customers? Try to imagine what type of person would be likely to buy your product or service. Would they be in a specific age group, have a certain income level, or be confined to a geographic region?

3. Purchase a Domain Name

Are you better off registering your own domain name when there are ways to start a Web site at no cost?

Absolutely. You want your very own business to give off a professional image right from the start. The big corporations like IBM and Coca-Cola have their own domain names registered, and so should you.

There are many sites which allow individuals to register a domain name. Be sure to check the policy of the company you are dealing with before you pay to register your domain name – if you register with a hosting company, you are really paying for the hosting service. The hosting company is the one who owns the domain name, not you. This will create problems if you would like to switch to a different hosting company at a later date.

4. Sign Up With a Web Hosting Company

A web hosting company is simply the service that carries your Web site to your visitors. The hosting company is the sender and your visitors’ browser receives the information.

You might have the same company that registered your domain name provide hosting services as well, or you might choose a different company for this purpose. You will more than likely be charged a certain amount per month as a hosting fee, which may be billed on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

5. Promote Your Home based Internet marketing business

Now that you’ve got your home based Internet marketing business up and running, you have to find ways of driving traffic to your Web site. There are many ways to create interest, including submitting your site to search engines and online directories, writing a press release, announcing your site on newsgroups, or advertising in electronic magazines (e-zines).

Whatever type of promotion you choose to utilize, promotion of your business must be an ongoing activity in order to achieve success. As the number of visitors to your Web site increases, so will your online ranking and, ultimately, sales!

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