Brian MJ Gibson
Internet Marketing Consultant
Speaker – Author – Coach – Sales & Marketing Trainer

So, what makes Brian qualified to take your business to a successful internet business?

I will try to keep this brief;
Brian has been a successful internet marker since 2003

Prior to this was always interested and up to date with internet activities.

By 2008 Brian had produced 183 websites – some profiting £30 per month and some profiting £ 800 per month.

Plus several membership websites profiting £3000 – 6000 per month.

Brian has studied with Google staff and taken several training workshops with some of the worlds best internet marketers.

Now a consultant with several companies and individuals for internet marketing purposes.

What is internet marketing – click here

Brian also trains companies and their staff as to how to make money from their websites, How to capture leads and make sales.

In addition to this training workshops for individuals who wish to make money on the internet and start their own internet business.

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Now, if your really interested in Brian’s past successful record, there is a brief outline below.

At nine years old was selling rides around the farm fields.
From 9 – 16 always making money from working on farms and cutting grass and making or buying & selling many items

At 17 joined the Royal Navy as an Electronics Engineer
Qualified to ONC level and attained was promoted to Petty Officer officially at age 21 – The youngest age possible. Then was responsible for the “Control” electronics department while serving on HMS Hermes.

In the seven years of Royal Navy service Brian also ran 3 businesses
Sold Seiko watches – at £40 bought for for £9 from a friend in Singapore (about 9 per week)
Sold Insurance – made commissions of £1500 monthly in the mid 1970’s
Bought a 13 room house on 4 floors at age 21 – lived on the top floor, rented the other rooms to 8 people at £50 per month each.

Left the Navy and took Business studies and accounting at the Plymouth Polytechnic. Then sold vacuum cleaners – door to door. Was the most successful sales person and was made branch manager within 4 months.

Recruited sales people for the branch and was the most successful branch in the UK within 7 months.

Purchases the branch from the owner. Then went on to open 8 branches in the South West of The UK running 60 sales people and 8 branch managers

Brian was aged 26 at this time. Sold the business to manufacture – Pure natural soaps, detergents and toiletries as he saw the future in this market.

A huge mistake as the market was not educated yet to these products. So sold the business. Yes lost money on this one.

Started selling water softeners, Door to Door. Opened a branch soon had 8 sales people and a marketing team. Imported a USA brand and within 6 months was in the top 20 distributors out of 300 worldwide.

Brian saw the opportunity for this USA brand in Europe. So presented a 56 page business plan to the company in Chicago.

Brian was then promoted to European Director of the company. In the following 8 years taking the business from $700,000 per year turnover to over £8 million per year

At this time Brian was running 43 distributors in many European Countries with a staff of over 430

After selling his shares in the business and consulting for 12 months with the business Brian went on to open his own Water treatment business.

From the plan on day one and within 18 months the business was manufacturing selling and marketing a unique patented product with 67 staff an a £3 million turnover.

This business was sold.

Using the successful business experiences Brian became a Business Consultant to over 40 companies. Helping them grow and produce profits

2004 Studied Internet Marketing – successfully producing 183 websites over the following 5 years.

Studied SEO (search engine optimisation) in depth, several websites achieved Google page 1 status.

From here was approached by Enfield Cambers of Commerce to take an internet marketing seminar for local businesses. Several contract were secured and successfully achieved Google page 1 status for these businesses.

So, was established.

Please look around this website for many useful details, help and advice on how to promote a website.

Brian has written over 22 eBooks both electronic form and in paper form on Internet Marketing tactics.

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