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Brian MJ Gibson (SEO)
Search Engine Optimizing and
Professional WebSite Marketer

I am a professional at SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and I’ve worked in this business for more than five years now. I know what it takes for Search Engine Optimizing a Website. I also know what it takes to build traffic to any website quickly and efficiently.In addition to that, how to make Either Sales, Lead or obtain enquiries.

Too many of my clients get bad advice from the latest traffic building books & Articles. As an SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) professional, I know which ideas work and which ones won’t. Not only that, what was read 6 months ago has probably changed today. Google, Yahoo & MSN change their algorithms several time a year.

I work, live, breath SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it’s my business. Currently I have Nine Staff Members working on SEO, over 100 Websites For Clients.

It is not just about getting visitors and Google “Page Rank” It’s about what you want to achieve from your website.

{Sales}  {Enquiries}  {List Building}  {Where You Want Then To Go Next} {Advertising revenue}

So, I work with clients on my UNIQUE “StepInto Page Funnelling” ® – A page funnel is simply a “Next Action” process. What do you want to achieve (not from the whole website) BUT from each and every page.

For example; a recent client was getting over 500,000 visitors per month for the last 4 years. A huge number of pages on the website. With a Google PageRank 4. However were about to close the website, they have been running at a loss.

WHY? Simply no clear “Next Actions” on each page – No “Funnelling” And the statistics show the same for the vast majority of websites worldwide.

Another client:- A one man start up website. I achieved Google page #1 withing 2 weeks (from over 2 million competing sites) And the owner was making profits (after my fee’s) in week three. Was he happy? You bet!

Currently there are 900,000,000 (Nine Hundred Million) websites with One Million More per week being added.
The statistics show; Only 15,000,000 (Fifteen Million) achieve over 50 unique visitors per month. That just 166 sites in a Million —The other 834,000  per million or 885,000,000 worldwide are pretty much worthless.

Then out of the 15,000,000 (Fifteen Million) That do actually get over 50 visitors. Statistics show only 20% actually make money or achieve their purpose. That’s  only 33 websites Per Million that are working effectively.

Everyday I hear the same stories from business people. Website under construction; Website not working; Have website but it will never do anything; Have an SEO person, but not there yet after several months and Cash Paid.

And what really is strange to my thinking is; The web designer hired was exactly that “A designer” many times even a friend or a student. Non of these people are WEBSITE MARKETERS.

So no wonder why most websites will never perform and be in the 33 websites per million that are successful.

There are just FOUR choices

  1. Hire a professional SEO Search Engine Optimizing Professional
  2. Hire someone who says they can do it
  3. Try to do it your self
  4. Do nothing

You may find my services work out cheaper than all the others. It’s FREE to find out Contact me Here

You could Do It Your Self or Hire a friend or someone who says they know;
As a professional SEO, everyday I get to hear about the latest traffic building tips, (Direct From Google & Yahoo) or the latest search engine ranking tools. The simple fact is that there are so many people out there trying to sell you information to build traffic to your site that sorting through them all can be difficult. Some of the junk that’s on the market is quite astounding.

There are good books that will teach you how to build traffic to your site, and there are excellent software tools that will do if for you. The problem is that finding the good ones that work in today’s Search Engine Optimization world can be quite hard.

With that let’s talk about what the latest traffic building tips book, or software tool, is and is not.

First, the latest eBook,s on traffic building is NOT the be-all-end all solution to get top Google Rankings. You will also need to apply what it teaches and work to gain those rankings. This can be so much time and then you may not get it right. Worse; Your site can go in reverse by what you think is a great idea, but considered spam by Google or Yahoo.

Second, NOT everyone will need the latest traffic building tips or software tools. If your intention isn’t to  make money from your site, then the money spent on that £200 software tool won’t be worth it anyway.

Third, the latest traffic building tool  IS an excellent way to build free traffic to your web site. Whether it’s a social book marking tool, an SEO toolbox, or any other traffic building idea, if you choose the right product you will get a stampede of traffic to your site!

Fourth, if you don’t take the time to choose the right tools you will be wasting your money. Worse than that, if the methods used to gain traffic include black hat SEO methods or other uncouth ideas, you might lose the search engine rankings you already have!

For my own knowledge, and to have an answer when clients ask, I took the time to evaluate the top tools on the market for building traffic for my clients. I worked with a few colleagues on this one so that we could really put each product through the test. We based our evaluations on the following criteria.

  • Traffic Building – Obviously our main criteria for evaluating traffic building tips and tools was: How much traffic could we build to a site?
  • Short Term Traffic – Did the tool build traffic right away?
  • Long Term Traffic – Did our efforts also work to build traffic over the longer term? In other words did it help us with SEO rankings?
  • Ease of Use – How easy was it to implement the ideas that each tool included? If it was a book did it lay it all out clearly? For the software tools, were they easy to install and use?
  • Legal SEO Ideas – Higher rankings were given to tools that only suggested legal SEO ideas (avoided black-hat SEO).
  • Time to Implement – Were we able to implement the ideas and begin building traffic quickly?
  • Overall Rating – Based on all other factors how did the book or software tool rate?

To evaluate each product we bought them and then implemented each one on two sites. When we were working with a site we didn’t use any other ideas beside those which we given with the product we were working with. We then evaluated the effectiveness by looking at how much traffic we were able to generate in a week, in a month, and over a three month period of time.

During an initial FREE consultation with a client, I use these tools to evaluate the existing website, the competition and the steps required to achieve the clients target for the website.

Best Regards

Brian MJ Gibson

To Your Success.