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At “Internet Marketing “ Generating A Part Or Full Time Income
Without Any Marketing Expertise, Without Any Huge
Investment, Without Any Technical Knowledge
Or  Hair Pulling  Frustration!

(Working From Home…)

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From The Home Office Of
Brian Gibson.

Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to visit this one page information website. I truly believe that Internet Marketing is the future business to be involved with. It opens up so many possibilities and opportunities. To work from home or grow into an office.

Call me anytime if you would like further details

From The UK  Dial –         0207 193 9400
International Dial – 00 44 207 193 9400

Or In Cyprus 00 357 99 156 967

I do realise that you may not fully understand the concepts of Internet Marketing at this stage. However, please bare with me, read through this short one page website and I will try to explain. Over the past 5 years I have made Internet Marketing my full time business. I have been hugely successful. And Now from “Hands on Experience” I have developed training material that can be used by almost anyone to copy Step-By-Step and easily become successful in Internet Marketing. As far as I know, the training information I provide is totally unique in the way that it is presented, and currently the only one of its kind in the UK. I will be revealing some of my secrets to you at an Introduction to Internet Marketing meeting. Showing you how I have made a fantastic income and success over the past 5 years from the comfort of my two homes.One in the UK and the other in Cyprus. Because I can work anywhere I have an internet connection I typically spend 3-5 months in Cyprus yearly. My net worth is currently over £3,000,000 ($4,500,000) – Now I am not saying this to boast. But what I am saying is that you to can make a very comfortable income by following my success – Step-By-Step. It has taken me Six years to achieve this, from scratch. Now, Face to face I will be showing you how I have built 183 websites covering many subjects together with many of my unique methods on how to make money from websites. Followed by any questions you may have. Examples of my websites subjects are; Golf, Candles, Property Information, Dog’s, Cat’s, Alternative Health, Texas Holden Poker, Education Articles, Wii Nintendo, Wall Panelling, Video websites, Article websites, Product websites and so many more… Some of my websites return an modest income of £10-£30 per month some £100-£500 per month and a few return an income in excess of £3000 per month. Over all, I make a very, very good income. (Work it out 183 websites making just £50 = £???,???) My Two & Three Day Workshops will train you to easily achieve the same

You do not need any previous experience to make a success You do not need any technical knowledge to get started You do need any huge capital to get going But What you do need is to take action NOW! Complete The Request Form Below For More Details… I will send you a FREE Internet Marketing “Getting Started” Guide The Information You Will Receive Is Invaluable…

“Brian I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the course this weekend, it really was an eye opener for me.

Having done several courses before; stock market, property and the like (and lost lots of money as it was non productive for me in the end).

I originally thought the internet business might just be ‘another one’ of those even though I believed there was potential to make money out of it. I am reallly excited about the future potential you have shown me”

You can become successful too, Part or Full Time By Just Duplicating My Step-By-Step Successful Blueprint From My 6 Years  Hands-On Experience…
Let me explain little more about Internet Marketing. I got started part time, with a few hours on the weekends. It was not long before I realised the many benefits and income possibilities.

So I studied and practised and then Internet Marketing became my full time business. Right here, 2009 is the right time to get started in Internet Marketing.

In 2008 it was reported that internet sales increased by a massive 38%. Whereas high street retail sales decreased. Many of our shops and stores are disappearing all together.

The world is your market through the World Wide Web, not just the UK. You have literally millions of buyers available to you anywhere and everywhere.

In addition, the UK government announced in January 2009 that every home in the UK will have broadband by 2011, just two years away. And again in June 2009 the British Prime Minister anounced his plans to supply every home in the UK with broadband.

The Central European government wants all 700 million European homes to have broadband installed by 2012. Now that’s got to be exciting for any Internet Marketer.

Remembering that, the Internet is open 24 hrs a day 365 days a year, worldwide. You even make money while you are asleep.

The Big question is… how is it possible for you to get a slice of this tremendous opportunity and become successful too…

Well, I will explain exactly howat the
FREE introduction meetings –

So come along and see what it’s all about, hear my success story and see if you feel it’s for you either now or sometime in the future.

I will be explaining how to get started.

You Just don’t know until you find out – do you?

Brian “I know I have a way to go yet but finally I feel so much more confident now that I have something at my fingertips that is really going to excite me, help me to get my lifelong ambition off the ground (my book! never expected that!), and make me money in the process!
Thank you Brian for everything (including the green tes’s and coffee’s!), you explained everything really well and I truly believe you want to see me succeed as that came across very clearly”
With warm regards

Internet Marketing has so many advantages; Here are the main one’s. The first benefit to me is: No travelling to and from a place of work; Travelling takes up so much of your time and can be a bit of a hassle, wouldn’t you agree? Just one hour travelling to work and one hour return requires 10 hours a week of your time or 500 hours each year. Would you believe that this is equal to a staggering 62 working days a year of your time? (With 20 working days in a month), that’s Three Months Working hours time (A quarter of the working year), what a waste! Let alone the expenses, of the train or car fuel, wear & tear on the car, the occasional sandwiches & coffee and the odd magazine or newspaper, just to pass the time away. For me this would easily set me back over £2500 per year. And for most of us to spend £2500 we might have to earn £3500 or even more (because the government takes their bit of taxes out first). And the hassle of travelling these days, uncomfortable public transport, delayed trains and buses. In the car you encounter traffic jams, bad weather (wind, rain, snow). Beware of speed cameras. Park the car somewhere and avoid parking wardens.

The second benefit to me is: Working from home; I have a young son. So by working at home I am with him and my wife at breakfast, at lunch and evening times. I can take Emmanuel to play school and pick him up. My wife and I can go shopping day time when it’s not so busy. A stress free business and I don’t even have to wear a “suit and tie” to work in. – And I can Start and Stop whenever I want too. By the way, did you realise that the government offer’s £500 – £1000 each year for computer related equipment to people working from home.

The third benefit to me is: Internet Marketing has Very, Very; low expenses, in fact close to zero. Starting and maintaining most businesses whether it is a Shop, a Store, an Office or Franchise. Requires a huge start up cost followed by crippling ongoing expenses just to pay the overheads such as; Rent, Rates Wages. Then there is the cost of office equipment and regularly buying stock that may add up to thousands of pounds, just sitting in a store or on the shop shelf. Most businesses need to hire people & pay wages, NI, Sickness Pay, holiday pay, x-mas bonus’s, maternity leave. And, the staff may not perform 100%. So can I fire them; NO, not easily. Let alone insurance, pension schemes, vehicles. There are so many forms to fill in and to satisfy government “Red Tape”. If the business grows more staff would be required, then human resources to sort out their problems & issues. Then move to larger premises and have more rent & rate & stock etc. Have VAT, stock checks. Oh! don’t forget most business owners get to work 12 – 14 hours a day 6 days a week. For the privilege of operating their own business! The VAT man would visit for a yearly inspection. To cover any overdraft and a start up loan the bank typically requires a security guarantee against property (your home) which could then be at risk. Wait – Wait! I have none of that and I can make a better income in just a few hours a day working from home. No stress no issues, no problems. With Internet Marketing I do not even need to buy and carry any stock at all; Now there’s a secret that not many people know about. And here is the other reason you can be successful in the market place and beat the big companies on price. You will not have any real business overheads or expenses to cover. So everything you earn is profit.

The fourth benefit to me is: I can work Part Time or Full Time; For as long as I want whenever I want. When I got started it was part time so I worked any evening and weekend to suit myself. It was my choice to make Internet Marketing a full time business as I saw the huge potential after making several successes Right now I can choose if I want to work three or six hours a day in the daytime or in the evening. If want to take a holiday I can and often do with those last minute deals, and the great thing is while I am away on holiday my websites are still open for business and busily taking in money. If necessary I can communicate or tweak my business while on holiday from an internet cafe.

The fifth benefit to me is: No Boss or Manager to Answer Too; No irritating work mates either! Now I don’t know about you but, over the years I have worked with many people that have been great and professional. However, there are always those that just make my day (a bad hair day!). I’m sure you know the one’s in your workplace. Or, I have had to follow through a task that I knew was inefficient, but the boss insisted. It’s hard to give these tasks 100% of you effort in these cases. Well not any more, I don’t have to travel, “clock in”, or put up with any other peoples issues, thinking about it – “mmmmm that feels gooood”
Brian. “What a brilliant couple of days. I came to find out about setting up a blog and have just had a world of opportunities open up to me. How good Is that with only ten days of employed work to go. Also you have the patience of a saint! Will write a full testimonial soon. My tasks until July 1st are to set up all the click and ebay accounts and to play with ebay until left work! Will send domain details tonight” Best wishes Sheila

Right now 2009 is the right time For you to get started A fantastic business to be in, especially in today’s economic climate Internet sales were reported to be up by a huge 38% last in 2008 And as we all know high street retail sales were decreasing fast That alone will give you a clue To the massive potential possible with Internet Marketing
Without any prior knowledge or experience you can easily become successful and choose to work;

Part Time to supplement your income Full time as a new career with full time income Or earn an absolute fortune

It’s entirely up to you dependent as to what you want Get the details – Get A Free Starter eBook Download – Fill in the Form

So, that’s it for now, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards
Brian Gibson

P. s.
Bring a friend if you like. Just let me know on the
registration form.

Your success is easy just copy my success Step-By-Step following the blueprint.


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