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Internet marketing is a fast-paced business, primarily because new tools are becoming available all the time. Some of them are gimmicky, to be sure, but others can actually increase you traffic, and your links, and therefore your popularity. So check out these SEO strategies and marketing tips. You might just find some that are perfect for you!
1. Video Marketing
Just about everyone who’s spent any time on the internet has seen at least one YouTube video. That’s because video has become so user-friendly that almost anyone can figure out how to watch videos or even upload their own videos. So don’t pass up the chance to market your business using YouTube or Google Videos. Embed videos with your links or with your site url. You can also place streaming audio and video on your own website.
2. Peel Away Ads
Gone are the days of intrusive pop-ups and fade-ins. Instead, peel away ads are placed at the top corner of your webpage. When the user places their cursor over the icon, the page “peels away” so that the user can see your promotion or advertisement.
3. Add This
This is a great way to take advantage of the popularity of social media websites. Just put the AddThis button on your webpages and your visitors will actually bookmark your content. This is a free service and is relatively easy to install.
4. Social Media Bookmarking
Social bookmarking sites are all the rage among internet marketers and users alike. They generate enormous amounts of traffic and should be a primary part of your internet marketing campaign. Social media sites use tags. Tags are simple keywords that classify content, which makes it easy for you to connect your content with social media sites.
5. Joint Ventures
This is probably the quickest way to increase your traffic and your revenues. Simply connect with big internet marketing experts and utilize their contact lists. If your product or service is top-notch, you won’t have any problem getting one (or more) of these experts to set up a joint venture with you.
6. Make Yourself a Internet Marketing Expert
Convince the online community that you are an authority in your field. How? By writing ebooks, articles, and blogs on subjects about which you are passionate and about which you have made yourself knowledgeable. Internet marketing is much once easier once you’ve established yourself as an expert.
7. Micro-List Building
Instead of using large opt-in lists, develop micro-lists for each of your products. You may find that you have hundreds, if not thousands, of these lists, and you can use an autoresponder program to manage them.
8. RSS Feeds
Blog regularly and make sure that your blog has an RSS feed so that your subscribers will know when you’ve updated your content. This is a “must-do” for all internet marketers, and one of the easiest ways you can guarantee that your potential customers will continue returning to your site.
9. Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are one of the most effective online marketing techniques. Rather than targeting specific keywords, target keywords that are less competitive within a niche market. The trick is to figure out the exact phrases that people are entering into search engines and then writing content to match.
The internet marketing business is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial that you keep up with the latest trends and tools as you market your service or product. These are just a few of the most recent tools that many internet marketers have found effective. To know more, contact an SEO expert or internet marketing consultant. These professionals are up to date with the cutting edge tools that you need for a successful internet marketing campaign.

The Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing is a way in which you can make passive income online. Internet Marketers are able to convert their own websites into money-making machines that are able to generate anything from $1 to more than $1000 a day!

I won’t attempt to fool you and say Internet Marketing is easy. It isn’t. It takes a lot of time and effort but the rewards are definitely worth it.

“So how do Internet Marketers make money from websites?”

Internet Marketers are able to make money from a variety of different ways but the most successful will utilise:

1. Google’s Adsense and other Pay per click programs (i.e Yahoo! Publisher)
2. Affiliate programs
3. Selling their own product (This could be their own eBook or software)

Google’s Adsense and other pay per click programs pay you an amount of money(usually around 20c) for every click on their ads. With one Adsense account, you can put the adsense code they provide you with, on all of your sites. To put this into perspective, imagine you recieved just 2 clicks a day for one month on one of your sites, this would generate $12 in one month. Ok, so its not a great amount. But how about if you had 10 sites? This figure would turn into $120! What about 100 sites? …..yes, thats $1200 a month!

Affiliate programs are also popular among Internet Marketers. This is because affililate programs mean that the Internet Marketer does not have to actually stock the product. All they do is help their affiliate sell their products for a cut in commission everytime they make a sale.

Another way to make money is to for Internet Marketers to sell their own product. This is usually their own eBook or their own software (sometimes they will out-source a programmer to design a program for them). The advantage of selling your own product is that you get to keep all of the money made from sales.

“What Next?”

Now that you know where Internet Marketers make money from, you’ll probably want to try it for youself. I must stress that it is not as simple as it looks. However, no need to worry, as we’ll be explaining how to get started in part 2 of “An Introduction to…….Internet Marketing!”

In the meantime, you might want to read up on Internet Marketing if you are interested in the subject. I recommend reading on forums and some good ones are just a search away on google.

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