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“Do you know that internet is the future of business?” A friend asked me this question on the way to get lunch about four years ago. That time I didn’t have any idea to answer! Six months ago, there was a talk show about money and market between my favorite speaker and the moderator in one of the best radio programs that I really like to hear. “Where do you think the biggest market in the world now?” said the speaker still in that same radio program. Everybody know that China is the biggest population on earth beside India, and most of us would thought that they are or even together would be the biggest one! It was looked likes he knows what we thought about, he said : “There are a bigger market than China and India, Where is it do you think?” That time we realized what he mean : Internet ! Well, refer to what my friend told about the future of business four years ago, now the future has already come or at least it has come since six months ago! This is just a simple logic thinking of me, because actually online trading with internet has been exist for more than last 5 years, but the point of this story is market is rapidly growing day by day to be World’s Market in internet ! As the Internet Market grow, there are a lot of people who caught this opportunity to earn money by selling something online. One of the best and successful Internet marketer is Anne Ahira, an Indonesian lady who has mastering Internet Marketing since 2001. And she is one of the best Internet marketer in this world. On her very young age, Anne Ahira has been a multi millionaire business lady through internet, by her partnership with some great names like : Google, Amazon dot Com, E-bay etc. This big success inspired her to share her experience and educate as many as Indonesian people who are interested in Internet Marketing by established an Indonesian Professional Internet Marketing Course, Asian Brain in 2006. Through this Talented Lady, there are many Indonesian including home mothers are following her success by being Professional Internet Marketers who earn 4 even 5 digits of dollar monthly. Thinking of this potential side, equal opportunity, and reasonable cost of earning money through internet, I think it is good having Internet Marketing as a great profession. Good luck!

The Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing is a way in which you can make passive income online. Internet Marketers are able to convert their own websites into money-making machines that are able to generate anything from $1 to more than $1000 a day!

I won’t attempt to fool you and say Internet Marketing is easy. It isn’t. It takes a lot of time and effort but the rewards are definitely worth it.

“So how do Internet Marketers make money from websites?”

Internet Marketers are able to make money from a variety of different ways but the most successful will utilise:

1. Google’s Adsense and other Pay per click programs (i.e Yahoo! Publisher)
2. Affiliate programs
3. Selling their own product (This could be their own eBook or software)

Google’s Adsense and other pay per click programs pay you an amount of money(usually around 20c) for every click on their ads. With one Adsense account, you can put the adsense code they provide you with, on all of your sites. To put this into perspective, imagine you recieved just 2 clicks a day for one month on one of your sites, this would generate $12 in one month. Ok, so its not a great amount. But how about if you had 10 sites? This figure would turn into $120! What about 100 sites? …..yes, thats $1200 a month!

Affiliate programs are also popular among Internet Marketers. This is because affililate programs mean that the Internet Marketer does not have to actually stock the product. All they do is help their affiliate sell their products for a cut in commission everytime they make a sale.

Another way to make money is to for Internet Marketers to sell their own product. This is usually their own eBook or their own software (sometimes they will out-source a programmer to design a program for them). The advantage of selling your own product is that you get to keep all of the money made from sales.

“What Next?”

Now that you know where Internet Marketers make money from, you’ll probably want to try it for youself. I must stress that it is not as simple as it looks. However, no need to worry, as we’ll be explaining how to get started in part 2 of “An Introduction to…….Internet Marketing!”

In the meantime, you might want to read up on Internet Marketing if you are interested in the subject. I recommend reading on forums and some good ones are just a search away on google.

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